Duct Cleaning

Q1  How long does it take to complete
      my house?   

Q2  Will there be dirt for me to clean when
       you leave?

Q3  How does your cleaning process work?

Q4  Do you clean all the air handling parts of my furnace?

Q5  Do you clean dryer vents too?

Q6  How much does it cost?

Q7  What is the best method to clean air ducts and furnaces?


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A1  An average job would take us between 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the size and the number of air handling units.

A2  We lay drop cloths where needed. We cover all vents before we start to clean and wipe up any dirt around them.

A3  Here is how we do it in a nutshell. Click here

A4  Not only do we clean the air handling parts of your furnace, we also inspect your furnace for any obvious problems caused by dirty ducts. 

A5  Dryer Vent Cleaning. Click here.

A6  There are a lot of factors in pricing your duct cleaning. Please call us for a free estimate from one of our friendly staff.

A7  Yes, there are inferior cleaning methods

Leaf Blowers: Some companies will use leaf blowers to blow the dust away. This only forces dust towards your furnace but does not suck it away. Imagine walking around your house with a leaf blower to dust your furniture. You would walk in circles because dust would be blown from one room to the next and never leave your house. You have to have a system that suck dust and dirt away.


Backpack Vacuums: There are companies using backpack vacuums to clean your ducts. Although this is better option than a leaf blower, the suction power of these units is very limited to the point it is not worth the effort. It can capture close to the vents but not further down the pipes. Capturing dirt is another matter. Unless the slightly heavier dirt is immediately in front of the nozzle it can not pick it up. You could do almost as good a job with your own vacuum hose.



Hepa Vacuums: Companies that use Hepa Filter Vacuums to clean your ducts, will tell you about how efficient they are at preventing dust from blowing back into your home or business while being used. This may be true but are you paying them them to filter your air or clean your ducts? These systems are about the size of a small fridge which is carried into your house and plugged in. Although it can filter effectively, it lacks sucking power to get rid of heavier dirt and even debris. A much better option is to use a system that literally sucks the dust, dirt, and debris directly out of your house and doesn't increase your electrical bill to do it.


Crystal Clean Vacuum Trucks: These trucks are one HUGE vacuum machine. Since they remain outside while operating, dust can not re-enter so there is no need for fancy hepa filters. They have the most advanced sucking power of any unit that can be brought to your home to remove dust, dirt, and even debris inside your ducts and furnace.

Reasons Our Trucks Work So Well

Effective duct cleaning requires a very strong vacuum system to create negative air pressure in the ducts which will suck out all the dust. To suck out the heavier dirt and debris we use custom designed aggitating equipment which breaks its adhesion to the duct walls. Once loose it can be easily sucked out to the truck. Call Us Today

The suction strength is an important factor to clean effectively. Some companies use equipment with only a 50 horse motor. Crystal clean trucks use a 6 liter turbo diesel engine producing 400 + horse power.

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