Duct Cleaning

Top 10 Reasons

To clean your ducts & furnace


  1. Before and after ducts cleanedReduces airbourne sickness and allergies
  2. Increases furnace efficiency to save money
  3. Adds months or years to the life of your furnace
  4. Removes construction dust after renovations
  5. Sucks out rodents, spiders and other bugs
  6. Eliminates undesirable smells from the ducts
  7. Increases the lifespan of your furnace filters
  8. Reduces overall dust throughout your home
  9. Saves electronic equipment from overheating
  10. Offers your family cleaner air to breath


2 Reasons To Clean Dryer Vents

Dirty dryer vent hose with lintAsk us about having your dryer vent cleaned.

Eliminate Dangers: A clogged dryer vent is dangerous due to fire and possible carbon monoxide poisoning if using a natural gas. The lint, over time will build up and can block your exhaust.

Save Money: The cleaner your dryer vent is kept, the more efficient your dryer will work which saves you money.Call Us Today

Clean dryer hose

The Best Time To Clean

Cleaning ducts of pests and dirtThere is no precise schedule for using duct cleaning services since each home has a unique enviroment. Normally it is a good idea to have your home cleaned once every 2 years to eliminate the buildup of dust and dirt. The longer you wait the more pollutants you will be living with. All the dust that circulates through your home goes through your air ducts to your furnace and back again.

If your home as a lot of house spiders, their webs can capture dust and aggravate allergies. As dust and dirt builds up, pieces break free and float around the house until you breath them in. Pets that shed hair can cause dust balls in your walls giving a place for dust mites and other bugs to live and nest.

Call today for a free quote to have our professional service completely clean your heating and air conditioning unit.

Ducts Question and AnswersFind out more answers to your questions.  


What We Will Do

  1. Assessment: The first thing we do is examine all vents and duct work. This helps us plan the most effective way to suction dust and dirt from your home.
  2. Connection: We cut an access hole in your duct work to connect our large main suction hose. This will be close to the top portion of your furnace to provide us a means for more effective cleaning. It also gives us an access hole to remove large pieces of debris that may sucked down from other areas of the house.
  3. Suction: To increase the suction power we cover the vents with a magnetic seal, except for the one we are currently cleaning. To force large pieces of debris towards our vacuum, we use a high powered air hose of 200+ psi with a variety of customized tool attachments that blow, spin, whip, and sweep the duct until they are clean.
  4. Furnace: Next the furnace is accessed, given a thorough inspection and cleaned including the air conditioning coil and other vital areas.
  5. Call Us TodayCleanup: When we are satisfied the job is complete we test your system, and show the work we have completed before giving you the invoice. We then clean up all our equipment and cover the access hole with sheet metal so we can use it again next time.


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